Behavioural Biometrics

Our free APIs let you use biometrics to recognise your customers from their behavior.

Keystrokes. Geolocation. Device fingerprinting. Device handling - how you play with the phone. These are just some of the ways you can recognise customers from their behavior. And all can be used to help recognise a customer visiting your store, website, research project, any url, so that you can personalize the experience.

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Behavioral Biometrics & Recognition

Can I recognise users without intrusive questions?

That's the question behavioral biometrics answers. It's just another way of describing recognition, something we automatically do with friends and strangers every day.

Building Trust

Hi honey I'm home.

Behavioral biometrics get used in the same way as recognition too, treating people according to how well we know them, as well as allowing us to build trust, and new relationships, with those we don't yet know so well.

fraudster impersonating friend

How does it work?

We give you all the tools you need to passively detect users, their behaviors and usage patterns, making it easy for you to build your own analytics engines, and alert systems so that you can personalize the all-important user-experience.

Main APIs

Device Fingerprinting

What device is the visitor using?

Is it the same device as previously?

You'll often see this described as device fingerprinting.

There's lots of ways of doing it, but one way or another, we need to make sufficient measurements of the device to generate uniqueness.

User Visit

Where is the user?

Is it possible for her to be in Tokyo now given she was in London last night?

These, alongside other contextual pieces of information surrounding the visit - ip address, latency etc. - are what go into describing the context of the user's visit.

Device Handling

How does our user type (what's her keystroke cadence)?

Remote keystroke analysis is very effective and has been around for as long as morse code.

Where and how often does the user touch the screen? How hard does she press?

Are you left- or right-handed?

Obviously, this type of signalling works best on mobiles, but most of your trade has probably migrated to mobile already.

Go to APIs for detail.

API Design

Our APIs are here to give you:

Only what you need //


Only interested in screen sizes? Not a problem. Our APIs let you structure the request to consume a little, or a lot.

// When you need it


Our APIs serve globally and use latency-optimised routing. The latest serverless approaches allow us to process 1,000s of requests per second.

Welcoming Visitors

We think personalization is the best use of our APIs.

The signals generated from our APIs allow you to generate unique behavioral signatures for each visitor to your site. And then it's up to you to welcome your visitors with a personalized visit.

But don't let our imagination limit you.

You might want to analyse traffic patterns, run research projects, flag users (positively or negatively - fraud detection is a very common usage). We give you the data service, and the rest is up to you.

Card Not Present Fraud

Behavioral Biometrics Providers

A lot of great companies provide APIs just like ours passively picking up various behavioural biometrics, for example -Biocatch, TypingDNA, Nudata. You'll notice that those businesses are built to perform fraud analytics. Fraud kicks in any time the user journey becomes important, usually because money is changing hands in businesses like ecommerce and digital banking, but also in areas like education.

CNP Fraud is a drag on the economy (about 0.7%) so online businesses are prepared to pay to eliminate it. And that's how CNP fraud detection businesses make their money.

So how are we different?

And why am I so nice about other companies?

Because we don't perform the tricky fraud analytics, we can afford to give you the underlying data service for free. It's up to you to decide how you use the data.

Of course, we'll always help you with your analytics if you ask. We're very familiar with the latest machine-learning approaches and employ sophisticated, scalable approaches to make sure these run at speed, whatever the load. Just drop us a line.

Embed API

1. Add snippet to your html header.

Snippets look like this:

<script src="https://path/to/api.js"></script>

For actual snippet go to the API where you'll see it listed.


2. Get and verify key.

After you've added the script, hit F12 and use these functions to activate from the console...


... and verify with the code you receive in your inbox.

this.quill.verifyAPICode(yourEmail, yourVerificationCode);

Or use the helper page we've created for you.

APIs available

Once you've got your key, these are the APIs you can use.

Go to any API for details on installation and use.


Device Fingerprinting


User Analytics